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Drum Capacity Formula

With a picture of a drum showing where to get the measurements, the customer can then enter them into the right boxes. All measurements must be in inches.

Note: all Dimensions in inches Capacity will be in Feet

Size change Formula

To find how much line a drum will hold if you already know how much line of any size makes a full drum.

  • Converting .108 to .140 knowing capacity of the drum with .108 line
  • Full drum with .108 = 6000m
  • 6000m x .108 x .108 ÷ .140 ÷ 140 = 3570m
  • Full drum with .140 = 3570m

Electric Fault

Dead Short – Conductor is in direct contact with armor. Typically, resistance is less than 100 Ohms. Loss of communication with tools.

To find a short using Ohms, you must know the mfg’s resistance of Ohms/1000ft

“To make sure you get an accurate reading both ends of the conductor must be disconnected from the collector or cable head, and clean.”

  • In the example below, we will use a 5/16″ cable at 2.8ohms/1000ft.: (Know the length of 20,000 ft.)
  • Using a multimeter get the ohms resistance from the drum end, then from the cable head of the line.

m from drum end m from cable head