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Installations and Removal

Removed cables will be stored and cataloged.

All cables/lines (new or used) are installed with the proper tools and techniques, per our extensive experience in this field, as well as all cable manufacturers recommended procedures, to ensure constant and proper workability.

Prior to installation all drums are measured and checked for any deformation or damage. If a drum is deemed safe for operation all measurements and condition are noted on our Mic sheets, and a copy is given to the customer every time.

During installation, all cables are measured on an X and Y axis and logged on a mic sheet so that our customers can see any variance, if any, throughout the entire cable. All cables are visually and physically monitored throughout installation or removal for condition and defects if there are any.  All E-lines are checked (voltage/insulation, resistance) pre and Post installation.

All cables/lines removed are spooled off in a safe and professional manner. All cables removed are cataloged and stored with details of the condition. Most cables pulled off are oiled/inhibited during removal to prevent further deterioration while in storage at our facility.

Cable Maintenance

A VITAL part of ensuring a long cable life and performance is servicing it. Most of our valued customers currently take great advantage of this service. We strongly encourage this service and will happily discuss its benefits with our customers.

We offer a multitude of maintenance services, such as armor tightening (normalizing), torque balance in slick lines, lubrication/ inhibiting, cable relaxing after heavy pulls to name but a few.

We will also set custom maintenance programs tailored to each cable/line to help protect our customer’s investment.

Cable Reversal (end for end)

E-lines, Slicklines, Sandlines, and specialty lines can be reversed. Depending on wear and condition it is not always possible to do this, and we always explain what your best options are and the best option for your cable/line. This ensures you get your money’s worth.


E-lines (Mono & Multi-conductor) & Sandlines, any Size, Type, or MFG can be spliced.

Shim Replacement on a current E-line splice is another option too. We can also shim down a broken strand to get a cable back into service.

SHIM KITS. For customers who are in remote areas or are unable to bring a unit into our service center, we offer a complete kit that includes all the materials and tools needed to get the cable back into service. In addition to this, we will also supply you with an easy-to-follow instructional video.

Drum Services

A HUGE benefit to our customers saving them valuable time and money!

Drum removal and installation. With the tools, equipment, and experience we can correctly and SAFELY handle any drum in-house.

We also offer full mechanical drum inspections, and with trusted and reliable vendors we can provide or help facilitate drum re-certification, NDT, machining, rebuilds, or even new builds.

Another drum service we offer is our DEMAG service. A seemingly more common issue, there are several theories to this problem particularly as we are seeing more and more cased hole drums being magnetized. We can run your drum and cable through our efficient DEMAG cycles.

Truck-less service. Most drums can be spooled in-house without the need for a customer’s unit. This is a huge time and money saver for many of our customers.

Cable Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Having your cable or line tested at our facility gives you great peace of mind knowing your investment is up to par for service. Is your line brittle? Is your line prematurely parting? We can provide answers and solutions.

We offer:

  • Real ductility testing
  • Pull Testing
  • Microscope Analysis
  • Fault detection and location
  • Fully detailed reports provided with every test

Onsite Services

With our industry-leading portable unit, we provide safe and proper spooling services wherever it’s needed. This has proven hugely convenient to our customers as it minimizes downtime.

We offer:

  • E-line spooling
  • Sandline spooling and splicing
  • Tubing line replacement, block changes, restrings or full string up
  •  Slickline spooling
  •  Crane line replacement


We supply, support, and service all E-coil cables for the ever-growing industry. Are you building an E-coil string or do you have an E-coil string and a few questions?

Call us anytime to discuss how we can provide you with the answers and solutions you need. We offer new and used cable options and we can also provide post injection or pull in cable testing and offer troubleshooting services.

Sales and Project Consulting

Thinking of adding a new service? Or building on an existing one?  Give Us a Call.

With a diverse team that has extensive wireline, cable, and field experience we are here to assist in streamlining your operation.

Specialty Services

With the wireline and cable industry ever-changing we are aggressively pushing forward to provide customers with the support and solutions they need. We have extensive experience with coated cables, fiber optics, and numerous other specialty lines.

Cable Inhibitors and More

With a full line of products allowing us to provide many options for our customers. Not sure what you need? That’s what we are here for. Let us help you get the best product for your line or project.